Onboarding Checklist

Simplify complex onboarding flow into easy-to-follow tasks.

Simplify complex onboarding into easy-to-follow tasks

Your product is kind of complex, and your onboarding process is some sort of long? We got you covered! Our checklists simplify the onboarding journey for your customers and keep them engaged.

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Start In-App Product tours from the checklist

You can open new tabs, redirect to pages and even start Kompassify's onboarding product tours directly from the checklist.

No-Code & Super Intuitive

With our no-code intuitive builder, you'll be able to build, preview, and deploy your onboarding experiences without having to write complex Javascript code.

One Checklist To Rule Them All

You can also regroup all your onboarding checklists in a multi-checklist to make it easier for your users to keep up with your onboarding process.

You’re in good hands

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I love kompassify, I can do the onboarding myself without IT support. Our Customers like it and it is the best price in the market. We had a look at other solutions, which wanted to charge us 10 times a month. For our needs Kompassify is the right solution and they have great support via chat.
Nicolas Plögert

COO VorFina GmbH

Kompassify has been a real game-changer for RocketChart. Guiding our users to the Aha Moment boosts our activation rate. 90% of our customers are now self-onboarded. I didn't need any tech skills to set it up, and it integrates beautifully within our SaaS thanks to customization. Special mention to their awesome support. Impressive job by the team!
Philippe Vanderstigel

CEO RocketChart

For a long time, parts of our onboarding process at Loystar had been manual and mostly an outside-the-app experience. We started looking for a solution to improve the in-app onboarding experience, after trying a few options, we found a viable solution in Kompassify.
Ayo Dawodu

CEO Loystar

I came across Kompassify when looking for a simple yet feature rich, easy to set-up tool to help users onboard to Dashedai. After looking at the other options, they were too complex, expensive and had to integrate with only certain live chat companies. I love the fact that Kompassify is stand alone and I get the freedom to use other tools to offer the best experience to my customers, whilst keeping my costs low. Finally, you will not get better customer support from Wassim, he is an absolute legend!
Roman Rose

Founder of Dashedai

Kompassify was precisely what we were looking for. A plug-and-play virtual tour that was easy to set up, edit and that could be used to practically anything. They also have excellent customer service.
Øystein Barhaughøgda

CEO Vignita

As a SaaS Founder, I found Kompassify to be a really amazing tool. It helped us create a full-fledged product tour without the need of coding, within few minutes. Though I find all the features of this tool super useful, there are two things about Kompassify that are par excellence: The progress bar and customer support. The support is quite helpful and has assisted me even at odd hours. I think the chances of me choosing another solution over Kompassify are very slim as I am totally in love with it. If you ask me about the cons, I am the wrong person because I simply can’t find any!
Sushant Shekhar

CEO Salesblink

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